Искусство йоги, исцеляющее не только тело, но и душу

Йога терапия Хайди Уильямс

Хайди Уильямс (Heidi Williams), которая долгое время страдала от приступов страха, беспокойства и тяжёлой депрессии, нашла своё спокойствие в практике йоги. Она не только вернула краски в свою жизнь, но и начала помогать другим людям, оказавшимся в этом состоянии.

Йога вновь вернула меня в безопасное место. Место мира и принятия себя, – говорит Хайди.

Теперь, после своего восстановления, она посвятила жизнь вдохновению других на те же перемены через самовосстановление. В частности, девушка использует социальные сети, чтобы с помощью фото показать красоту гармонии души и тела.

“Perfectionism is a serial killer of happiness” -Brene Brown Sometimes we talk about being a “perfectionist” as being a great thing. We talk about it in job interviews like our biggest problem is that we are really just “too good” at things. But by definition a perfectionist is someone who is only satisfied with perfection. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect… It means you’ll never be willing to take risks, or even try, for fear that you wont be good enough. It means that you’ll never be able to fully enjoy the people around you, because they wont be good enough. When you are only satisfied once perfection is achieved, you forfeit enjoying the beauty of growth, the beauty of nature, the beauty of the human condition in general. And to me there is nothing more beautiful in life than that.

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The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.- Anonymous Who is ready for an EMOTIONAL DETOX?? Starting this Sunday I am hosting my very first 7 DAY EMOTIONAL CLEANSE. During this Cleanse we will be… 1 Identifying  Triggers, self-destructive behavior and false belief systems that have kept you from experiencing the inner strength, peace and happiness you know is inside of you, but seemed buried under trauma or over all a heaviness you cant seem to identify. 2. Challenging, Dismantling and Eradicating the false belief beliefs keeping you stuck in a downward spiral 3. Establishing a new belief system based on your peace and truth.  I will be including Meditations, Yoga, Exercise, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Teas and any other tool that have been my go-to’s during my  own healing journey. You can particitpate at whatever level works for you, but I will say, the more you show up, the more results you will get. I will be taking you through a very similar proccess to the one I went through when I cleared my own PTSD trigger. This proccess can be incredibly transformative if you allow it to transform you. With that, I cannot wait to spend the whole week clearing emotional space with you!!! xoxoxoxoxo  See you Sunday!! click the link in bio to join us as we detox our emotions and open ourselves up to new found peace, health and happiness.

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Forgiveness doesn’t mean IT’S OK. Forgiveness means I’M OK. To forgive yourself is to remember who you are. To forgive others is to remember who they are, and your power in any point in time is to remember who you are.  Because it is in remembering who you are that you realize- nothing I have done, and nothing you have done can change who I am or who you are. We are all inherently good. We are all works of God And his creations are wholly loving and wholly lovable. And as reminded by the Bhagavad Gita: Fire cannot burn me, water cannot wet me, wind cannot dry me, weapons cannot shatter me; my spirit is eternal, it was never born and will never die. ….talking about Forgiveness in the support group this week. Link to join in bio…

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